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Originally Posted by Bartacomus View Post
Im looking to get my third module. Ive been flying the warty since 2012. I bought the Harrier a month ago.

Despite the gaps, and the occasional mid air non-ballistic freak out.. i must admit, i cant bring myself to fly any Warthog missions. Cause i cant stop.

is the Mirage more of a complete module? i want to get a 3rd mod, one in the mid price range.
and completion is important to me. I honestly thought about getting the Black Shark, but im afraid its too aged.

what do you guys recommend?
Black Shark is getting an update so I wouldn't let the age deter you. I enjoy the Mirage and I almost say it's worth getting for the campaign(s) alone, but I think there are better choices in a 3 plane hanger. But, if it's on sale and it looks like something you'd be into, go for it!
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