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Originally Posted by Richard Dastardly View Post
Reading a Falklands book at the moment ( Hostile Skies ), it seems the GR3 could laser designate - presumably with a fixed laser. I was always under the impression they could just receive, so did the GRx also have a spot designator?
I don’t believe so, the device in the nose of the GR.3 was known as the Laser Ranger and Marked Target Seeker, so whilst it could emit it was only in terms of ranging as far as I am aware. It would be pretty inaccurate (and dangerous in combat) to have to point the whole aircraft at the target I would imagine. The marked target seeker would be somewhat like LSS on the ARBS although without the camera, perhaps Pave Penny on the A-10A is a better match. The LRMTS was also used on the Jaguar and Tornado.

I’ve read Hostile Skies but it was a while ago, how is it worded? I thought that all GBU drops in the Falklands were ground designated. Happy to be wrong on all counts though!

Edit: just found this looking for more info on LRMTS, it has nice details on the Falklands GBU drops and says they tried to guide the bombs with the laser ranger on one occasion but it wasn’t compatible with Paveway (you would think they would have known that beforehand).


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