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I don't recall seeing any pictures (never saw any in real life as I am not in the US) of the F-15E without its CFT, there is too much advantages as the plane is mainly made for bombing and attacking rather than fighting anyway, so they don't need the additional maneuverability or thrust to weight, the CFT also give additional pylons and they are really aerodynamic, meaning turn one of the best dogfighter into a fierce strike aircraft, and nowadays there are almost no dogfights, at least for the US, so they don't need that, mainly considering that anyway they have the F-22 if they need to really goes extreme on aerial combat.

It is a little like a lighter transformation of the F-15D than the SU-27/30 to the SU-34, btw I would love to see both F-15E and SU-34 dogfight, two fighters rebuilded/transformed to blow everything on the ground that
meet on the sky.
If they want to be realistic they could make the CFT removable, but it would be too OP to see F-15E without CFT loaded with AMRAAM on multiplayers, because of that alone, they might not make them removable.
@AeriaGloria they can in real life !
The best image showing them unfitted come from Wikipedia :

In fact they can even be mounted on the F-15A/B/C/D, here is a quote and an image :
The Eagle's conformal fuel tanks, also known as "FAST packs," have been around almost as long as the F-15 itself, first being test flown in 1974. I wrote all about the Eagle's CFTs and their origin in a past feature about how the Israeli Air Force has modified the F-15 since early on for its unique needs, stating:
"One of the features that the F-15E would be built with was conformal fuel tanks, otherwise known as “FAST Packs,” as in Fuel And Sensor Tactical Packs. These flank hugging 849 gallon tanks were not new to the F-15 with the advent of the Strike Eagle, in fact they were envisioned as an option for the F-15C/D and even retrofittable to the A and B models early on, with the first test flight being flown with them attached to an Eagle in the mid 1970s. They were envisioned to carry everything from fuel to cargo, although the majority of these concepts never made it to fruition."

And here are two pictures of F-15C (the first might be a D, I can't tell from the front) with CFT :

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