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Originally Posted by viper2097 View Post
If you say that the bugs on the Harrier are not more, and / or not more critical then on other modules, you are clearly not useing the Harrier. Or you maybe only fly a little bit around with it.
CTD, not working hardware inputs and systems that just stop working are showstoppers. Or tell me how you can drop that GBU when you can't slew the Tpod, then it won't laser and oh, I forgot, you won't get that far because you get a CTD already on aligning.
So lets try the siderms in the next step. Oh, they are not going off the rail. God knows why.
If I may give you an advice: Fly the Harrier exclusively for one or two weeks. With all it systems and possibilities. Then we talk again about show stopping bugs.
Oh, I forgot, Razbam also move bug reports to the resolved section even they are not fixed for years.without any comment.

As I don't own the C101, I can't say anything about that module.

And you are makeing a big mistake:.I don't want to see them fail. I want to see them getting their a** up and fix / finish their module.
Once again: 4 months since the last update!
So what should we do? Applaud them? For playing tricks on their paying customers?
The most nice thing I can say about RB is that the OP should build his own opinion. And that was what I did.
Both the issues you gave as examples I have never had an issue with although you and others may have.

I find the harrier is on par with many of the other modules, all the planes have there bugs. Most of the planes are early access. Razbam may not be as forward with what they are currently upto but I'm sure they are always working.

You do seem to be the kind of person who digs as deep as they can to find any big you can, then you jump up and down demanding attention from the development team. Props to you for looking and rasing bugs but attacking the team constantly isn't maybe the most mature way of approaching the situation.

Why don't we stay in topic rather then launching at the Devs again.

For me for half price the harrier is well worth it. It's fair enough though development that it can do nearly any task, it has its usp if VTOL. And just is great fun to fly.

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