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Originally Posted by Zimmerdylan View Post
There seems to be a lot of hit and miss when trying to get the B17 to do much of anything. I finally just gave up on any kind of bombing missions due to the inconsistencies in the plane's behavior. The whole assets pack is pretty much a non starter for me at this point. I went back to using modern stuff on my WWII battlefields because the asset pack vehicles, planes, and weapons aren't much help when making missions. What little it has to offer doesn't seem to do much.
Maybe they've fixed some of the stuff or added to it. I haven't bothered with it in months. Sad really..........

For me, the most reliable way to use B17s is to limit each group to a single unit with its own route & tasking. Manually build the formation either in the ME or using LUA. It can be time consuming, but I've gotten fairly deterministic behavior this way. For testing, time acceleration is your friend =)

Presently, it only takes a tiny burst of MG to kill a B17. My current project is to make the B17s more durable by counting hits and triggering a death sequence above a threshold. Lame? Yes. But its better than what we've got. I've implemented this for other unit types so I don't see why it wouldn't work here.

But I agree with your point, the WWII assets require a lot of creativity =)
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