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Originally Posted by Toto View Post
Hello. Can you make the B17 drop bombs. I have been struggling to do this, and am just wondering if its capable of dropping bombs on a target. In the mission builder in the weapons editor the plane shows empty and I cannot add weapons to it like you can to the A10 and other planes. Is the plane functional or is it just eye candy? Another thought is the plane capable of defending its self Will it shoot back if shot at???
There seems to be a lot of hit and miss when trying to get the B17 to do much of anything. I finally just gave up on any kind of bombing missions due to the inconsistencies in the plane's behavior. The whole assets pack is pretty much a non starter for me at this point. I went back to using modern stuff on my WWII battlefields because the asset pack vehicles, planes, and weapons aren't much help when making missions. What little it has to offer doesn't seem to do much.
Maybe they've fixed some of the stuff or added to it. I haven't bothered with it in months. Sad really..........
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