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So, I received my base today.

Content: base, PSU, USB cable and quick start guide
If you just want to use it as a joystick, it's pretty much plug&play. Directly available as a normal HID joystick with a medium force profile.
There is no noticable stepping effect, it's very smooth, especially around the center.
That already is a big upgrade from the (unmodified) Warthog due to the well known problems the Warthog has.
The buttons on the stick (Warthog grip in my case) are passed through in the same order as for the Warthog, afaics.

I did some initial setting up, but this was only very quick work (maybe 10min in total), so there is a lot of optimization possible.
From the default profile, I reduced the overall force a bit (force factor 25 from 10 standard where higher means lower force), reduced hydralics centering from 400 (%?) to 200 on both axis.
Also reduced the trim speed, so it doesn't happen so instantaneously.

Select hardware trim (since we don't have a connection to the sim) and set one button as trim release (to set the trim) and one as trim reset.
Works quite nicely.

In DCS I did a short flight in the Huey and while I still have to get used to the (now) lower forces and especially lower resistance, it felt much much better immediately.
I felt that I was much more in control of the helicopter and could actually give the (micro) input I want to give.
In many cases it's not really like you're really moving the stick but rather that you "think" that you move it in a direction.
From what I've read and heard about helicopters, this is pretty much how it's done IRL.

I still have to practice, because from the Warthog I got used to do exaggerated movements and corrections (due to the missing smoothness and the relatively high forces required), so I'm overshooting sometimes still, but even in the few minutes I did fly the Huey earlier on, I was improving rapidly.
Especially the transition from forward flight to hover seems more natural and easier.

So … for the moment I'm a very happy (and proud) owner of the brunner FFB base.
Much testing ahead, both in DCS and in XP11. Looking forward to the weekend.

Edit: the only thing I don't like so far is that the leather covering of the base makes some kind of creaking noise when moved to the right and then forward/backward.
Thankfully when concentrating on flying, it's unlikely that you'll notice and at least in a helicopter that kind of movement is uncommon.

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