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Originally Posted by sk000tch View Post
Ok so this isn’t correct, but this whole thread is kinda nutty so please don’t think I’m picking on you or whatever, just the most recent post. In general these forums are really imprecise with terminology. Careful when you see sentences that start with “I would think” or similar. Anyway, but when you bug a target in the f-16, or designate a trackfile l&s in the Hornet, you are not temporarily “locking” a target. You are not entering STT, you’re still in RWS. I realize that in the game these things are symbols on a display, but irl they change gimbal movement and energy emission detected by target. STT is distinct from search modes, different wave directed continuously at target, and will generate a lock warning.

In the hornet, when you designate a track l&s, it does not change the radar emissions. Look at what the radar is actually doing. The azimuth scan and elevation bars all stay the same. It is the pilot telling the mission computer thaw specified track is a priority, elevating it over the ranking the MC does automatically. That’s it. The radar does not temporarily lock the target, and should not generate a lock warning if DCS is modeling it correctly.

The f-16 SAM mode is different. When you bug a bandit the radar will increase its update frequency necessary to employ a 120 (about 3 seconds) but also provide a 25 deg azimuth slewable scan. This is the “T-bracket” you mentioned, which represents a physical change in what radar is doing, allowin g you to continue to search a small area or monitor the group while maintaining a firing solution on the bugged target. It’s not an STT lock and will not result in a RWR STT warble, but rl rwr are smarter than DCS. This is one of the things DCS dumbs down by necessity. How DCS will handles it now I don’t know. As a WIP it likely will change anyway. It might blip and promote your threat level, but it’s not STT.

I’m simplifying this, post commit in hornet at meld you change from search to group, decrease azimuth, bars, modulation, etc., to improve trackfile quality (or should at least). From target POV this is similar to SAM submode
I am not incorrect.

I know the difference between a soft lock and a hard lock.

Watch the video below. During SAM the radar spends 2 seconds scanning and 2 seconds locked on to the bugged target. You can see this with the T bracket indicating antenna position.

https://youtu.be/mpPY7HJ3sKo?t=205 (3:30)

A 2 second hard lock (the radar is staring at the target) should inform the the RWR of a lock on. This would be the same RWR indication if a Hornet locked switched between STT and RWS every 2 seconds.

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