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Originally Posted by [FSF]Ian View Post
Those might be double-pole switches. Either for redundancy (so it still works if one connection breaks) or it might switch both a higher voltage signal to do the work and a lower voltage signal to notify some flight computer about the switch state.

Either way, you can take a multimeter, find two wires that are disconnected when the switch is off and become connected when the switch is on, and ignore the other wires

Disclaimer: I have no knowledge at all about real-world avionics. I am just a computer scientist who tinkers with electronics in his free time.
Thanks [FSF]Ian,

I figured there may be some redundancy involved, and you may well be right about some info being passed to flight computers too. I will simply have to test and see which ones do anything. I also realise that I have far too much length of cable and need to shorten it anyway, so will be cutting off the connectors any way. I will save them for posterity....
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