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Default Pitch & Roll Curves for Yak-52

I originally started flying (w HOTAS Warthog) the Yak Bird with my DCS Defaults of 10% Curves for Pitch & Roll.

The Yak-52 proved way too sensitive at 10% Curves which resulted in fast twitchy control inputs - very unrealistic. I've increased them (to 20-25% for Yak-52 Specific) which has resulted in much smoother and realistic aircraft response to flight control inputs.

Don't worry about any optimum setting Graphs - a Little Trial & Error will let you actually feel your adjustments as you fine tune them - you'll be one Happy Ruski (no offense) in less than 5 Minutes.

I'm having a Ball with the Yak-52 - Great Fun Plane. Wish I had one for Real !
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