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Hey man, this is awesome.

I think that helicopters may spawn too close to each other or have some other parameters messed up. I should have pulled some logs to be more helpful, but if you want to try and re-create: I committed 4 KA-50's to my last mission. Two of them were so close on spawn that they almost immediately collided in mid-air (quick mission) and died.

I spawned 4 or 5 KA-50's on another mission, with myself in one of them, and every time I loaded the game my helicopter went immediately and super hard nose up (despite input) and seemed to spawn nose-up for some reason. Unrecoverable. I fixed this one by editing the mission file so that I spawned lower and slower and it worked just fine.

Random edge cases that I ran into:

For anyone having issues running the batch file: the python 3.6 interpreter (python.exe) does need to be listed in the windows PATH environment variable.

For anyone having issues starting missions: Your saved games folder needs to be in the default location with the usual DCS folders. [I had mine on a separate drive and just restored it to default.]
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