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Originally Posted by Xilon_x View Post
these are the 5 phenomena faster than light I maybe can't translate I put this video in between you including the LASER experiment.(yes absolutely no physical object are the photons)

1 is true, but it isn't some-thing travelling at faster than the speed of light. Information has no physical presence.

2 - the electrons travel faster than the local aggregate speed of light - until they interact with the local medium, then they slow down to the local speed. Matter is mostly space - initially the electrons travel in local free space at faster than the speed of light in water, but then they are affected by the nearby molecules and slow down - transferring energy that is re-emitted as photons.
So initially the electrons travel at the local speed of light, and later at the aggregate speed of the structure they enter - because matter is not solid and has no defined boundary to force the transition.

3 - again, not something moving faster than light through space-time, there was no space time to move through...

4 - the narrator explicitly says that no real/physical thing moves faster than light, only the mental construct of the impact point. The dot is not a physical thing.

5 - a/ Quote from the video : "We're not even sure they really exist". b/ the purpose of the wormhole is to locally connect two separated pieces of space time, so that objects can cross the distances while locally observing the limit on no object travelling faster than the speed of light...
In other words, any object passing through a wormhole takes a shortcut that means it locally travels at less than the speed of light, but because of the shortcut at an aggregate level covers distances in times that would require velocities above the speed of light.
Wormholes allow you travel distances in times that would require speeds higher than that of light at a macro level, while locally travelling at less than the speed of light
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