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Originally Posted by Weta43 View Post
There are definitely different distances implemented for different types of target (a building and a tank can be locked at a greater range than an infantry soldier).
I think there are only two classes of object though, and there probably should be a third longer range one for buildings (so small, medium and large objects, all with discrete lock distances)
That is what I find as problematic with DCS that we don't have a contrast lock but a key subject lock. We should be able to lock on anything that has contrast, be it then a individual tree or a flying aircraft or individual soldier, as long the video system shows enough contrast it should be possible be locked on.

It doesn't matter what distance the contrast has, as for the Skhval system it is just a 2D image without distance. The limitation for distance comes from speed the Skhval camera can turn and stabilize itself, so further distance target is easier to maintain locked than one in very close by.
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