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Originally Posted by slickdevel View Post
I have found the same.
Before startup I flip both to manual and give each switch one press. I monitor all the time and go auto only if the oil temps look too low and usually back to manual.

Maybe on an eight hour mission with long cruises the auto function works but it doesn't seem to for our frags.
I watched a vid from Kermit Weeks, he never uses manual, maybe we're not flying a plane with a great engine model.
Don't pay attention to me though, I'm new at this P-51.

Dont compare this to planes flown during ww2, now p-51 most likely are tweaked for longest engine life.
And take note that Kermit t/o at 55" and as soon he is airbron he drops to 46" 2700 then he drops to 2400rpm with about 30" boost.
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