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Originally Posted by jawzzy View Post
Absolutely agree with the green tint. It's wrong and i can't see crap out of it. The armored glass for the FW-190 was made by CARL ZEISS and it was clear glass, not green. The revi 16 may have had a very slight tint, buty not the windscreen. that one was just clear, high quality glass.

I have a bunch of DCS planes, (i think I'm missing five), and from the ones i have, I think the FW-190 A8 is the worst model in DCS so far.

modeling the plane after photos of some wreck, in a dark museum, with poor artificial lighting, will give the modelers the wrong image of the plane.
This thread is about the gun sight opacity - not the windscreen tint.
The gun sight has been fixed in this week-end's update.
So maybe you should open a new thread for the wind screen tint.
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