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Originally Posted by LeCuvier View Post
I know there will be tons of people stating that the gunsight opacity is realistic; but in real life the pilots were operating in real daylight and not looking at a PC monitor with very limited luminosity.
Anyway, fact is I can hardly see trucks even when I'm in firing distance and I have to strain my old eyes more than is good for me.
Maybe you could introduce a tick box under "Special" to select "Gunsight reduced opacity".
On some aircraft I've been able to fix this myself; but in the Anton I cannot even find the object in the .dds files.
Exactly, the real light is what make the things different...
At the moment the visibility inside the Revi is poor...after a single hit with the sparks and smoke it became pratically inexistent....
So pls reduce a bit the opacity...try to fight with the Anton now and see what we (don't) see now.
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