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Originally Posted by Dagger71 View Post
That is not what it says.

under Mav:
"set sensor as SPI" function is selected, the line of sight point to the ground marks the SPI using TMS Forward Long.


when the TGP is SOI and the "set sensor as SPI" function is selected, the line of sight point at ground intersection marks the SPI with a TMS Forward Long.

In every instance of creating a SPI it will always be a point in 3D space. Re-read the definition again at top of page 400.
same paragraphs continued "As the Maverick seeker slews/ ...As the TGP crosshairs are slewed/, the SPI slews along with it. To un-assign the SPI (as in no longer constantly updating/generating the SPI coordinates)from the TGP, you may either use the "reset SPI to steerpoint" function or assign the SPI to another sensor."
The TMS Forward long DOES NOT MAKE a SPI, it selects the sensor that generates the SPI.

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