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Default I got F-16C Viper as a birthday present

My parents have never, in my life, bought me a video game. I always had to buy them with my own money. This has meant mailing money orders to Bethesda, Maryland to order Commodore 64 games from Microprose in the 1990s. (Namely Red Storm Rising, Project Stealth Fighter, F-15E Strike Eagle and Silent Service.) The closest they ever came was when I painted half the house, by myself, to get them to pay for Sublogic Flight Simulator 2 for the Commodore 64.

I go to dinner with my mother a couple times week these days and I mentioned how I was planning to set aside money this month to buy F-16C Viper and she suggested I just let her order it for me for my birthday (in late October). Ironically, she didn't approve me me playing Falcon 4.0 as an early 20-something because it affected my grades in college.
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