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Small problem here...

I have 20 AI-planes around. 8 spawn in air, the rest on the ground. They cycle randomly between 4 airports using the 'setdestination' and 'setdeparture' options. The airports are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Maktoum and Sharjah. (Sharjah is not used by 380s and 747s.)

This worked pretty well. But for a while now, some planes land on the Al Minhad AB. When they touch the ground, the ATC says "Welcome to Dubai Intl." Same for another AB (forgot which one) where they land and it says "Welcome to Abu Dhabi International". Lol. Are they drunk? One more thing I recognized is, when I look on the F10 map, some of them have no flightplans.

Any idea what causes this?

Thx in advance!
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