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As already said 8-10 radios for the AWACS/ATC role (it is how many radios an E-3 mission crew has after all).

As for secure comms, again definatly yes. But as an additional thought it would be good to be able to chose which radios are secured and which aren't on an individual basis. Eg you'd want your package comm channels secure, but your guard channel open.

Another note on secure comms, the KY-58 used on the A-10 is pretty much common to all NATO aircraft so I'd suggest adding it to all the western airframes where practical.

As for the PTT discussion, yes individual radio PTT as in real aircraft are essential, while a single PTT and a button to switch between radio may seem simple it really isn't. We wouldn't be able to operate with that model as comms are just too damn busy. If I think about many of the FAC(A) flight I've flown where I'm talking on three separate radios to three separate entities almost constantly that's would be impossible.
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