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Originally Posted by Ciribob View Post
10 is doable, it'll be a separate interface and basically like the overlay is my plan. Toggling them off an on is ok as well.

Hope you've got big screens!

I'll implement this before starting on the distance limitations but after the A10c encryption.

Would the AWACS / GCI radio need to have some way of inputting a secure frequency code as well?
Sounds very good!
Is it possible to resize the window where the radios are shown?

Yes if possible, AWACS/GCI should also have the oppertunity to input secure radio, in order to cmmunicate with flights under their control

And please note, I am not a programmer, and do not know what is possible or not, I just come up with suggestions and functions that would increase the flexibility of the radiomod. So I might come with suggestions that are either difficult or impossible to program in a practical way.
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