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Originally Posted by Pikey View Post
Switching the radio "in focus" is quite a tricky event at speed. The airframes all have different ways of achieving it.
Which is why implementing features that closely mimic the real aircraft is the right thing to do. In most US fighters selecting the radio you want to transmit on is a matter of pushing the radio switch the correct direction. For example A-10C has 3 radios and once each is on and a channel selected you can swap between radios as fast as you can move the switch between positions.

Originally Posted by Pikey View Post
I'm struggling to believe in the real world they do as much channel dancing as I've done.
In the real world we do far MORE "channel dancing" than I've ever seen simulated. Especially in the combat environment.

Initially set up radios.
Call OPS for mission words...UHF
Call Ground for Engine Start...VHF
Call Ground for Taxi...VHF
Switch to Clearance Delivery...UHF
Call Clearance delivery to fix / re-file flight plan...VHF / UHF
Call Ground / Clearance Delivery for ATC departure instructions VHF
Call Tower when ready for departure (switch to Departure frequency now or later?)
Check in with departure...
Call when clear of Class B airspace,
Check in with Range Control
Check in with AWACS
Check in with AFAC...
Change to enroute ATC...
Change to enroute ATC...Again
Change to enroute ATC...Again
Change to enroute ATC...Again
(And don't forget every time you switch frequencies you need to make your flight made the switch to new frequency)
And that's just what I can think of off my head. We actually do very little ATC work in this game.

Originally Posted by Pikey View Post
I'm tempted to ask for simplifications like either one button PTT and one for rotating through the radios or just three PTT's rather than the four we need right now. But open to thoughts on that.

That kind of simplification would ruin it for people flying aircraft designed to use several radios in concert with each other. If the capability exists in the real airframe, it should be simulated in the game. By the same token, depending on the role they are assuming. If an aircraft or vehicle only carries 1 radio, that's all that should be available to the player in game.


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