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Originally Posted by simpilothr View Post

A couple of days ago, I tested the Magnificent 8 for the first time in DCS with VR (I haven't bought it, it was displayed at a booth, so I went and flown it for a couple of minutes)

Since that was actually my first time ever flying a realistic heli sim, it wasn't very easy at first. But eventually I got used to it.

I got the hang of flying it, but what hit me the most was the landing (BTW, I have tested the sim 4 times, 1 of them was a ok landing, 2 of them were a crash, and 1 was a perfect landing)

When I lower the collective when landing, I notice the vibrations in the cockpit...and of course, there's a 50-50 chance of either land it and slam the gear, or "go-around" and try again.

I thought that the engine was "dying" on me...but I don't know what was it actually.

Can somebody explain me the vibration?

Thanks in advance!
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