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Default Looking for critiques of my landing pattern.


After a few weeks, I feel like I'm really getting it down. Mover's F-5 fam flight video really helped me figure out the crosswind turn and fly appropriate speeds from downwind to final instead of on-speed AOA the entire time like the F/A-18.

Some sticking points that don't feel quite right:

- Transitioning from the climbing part of the crosswind turn to the level part. There seems to be a part in which you have to roll the jet to nearly 90 degrees angle of bank to stop the climb, reduce power, then shallow out to about 45 degrees (or as required for proper abeam spacing). I'm not sure if I'm ratcheting the jet through this a bit much.

- Transitioning from the steeper part of the approach turn to the 2.5-degree glide path. I feel like my tendency right now is to dip below the proper glide path as I'm decelerating toward on-speed due to an improper aimpoint. Where do you guys try to place the runway numbers relative to the gunsight glass?

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