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- There's an "auto-collective" keybinding - which I believe doesn't exist in reality - that allows you to lock or unlock the collective input during auto-hover for easy climbing/dipping while hovering. It's just there to make up for doing 2 jobs at once.

- The missiles will launch at an upward angle initially, which allows you to fire at targets in cases where the Viviane camera is able to see the target but the rest of the heli is hidden from view. This allows you to take out pretty much anything - I've taken out a combined convoy of Tunguskas, Tors, Shilkas and T90s that way - but the drawback is that the missile also drops pretty low to compensate for being shot at that upward angle, so at shallow hills it will bound into the ground.

- Some tanks can fire ATGM missiles through the barrel which have considerable distance, and standard weaponry from tanks, IFVs and so on are often dangerous, so if not facing anti-air missile threats it can definitely be better to fire on the move rather than stationary and do run-ins rather than pop-ups.

- When not being slewed the camera has sort of a 'locking' function that keeps it pointing in the same direction, useful for when on the move and when the camera jitters around alot.

- Trees, at least from my limited 2.5 experience thus far (with broken FFB and no centering on the FFB stick when that functionality is turned off in DCS I can't fly the Gazelle at all) the trees are good for cover when moving, but bad to attack from, because the AI still spots you instantly through tiny gaps in the foliage with their magical powers.

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