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Originally Posted by Scorpion27 View Post
A good idea would be to have:
* an infantry JTAC (avoid beeing killed by a tank when driving a humvee from 3km away), capable of moving around,
*artillery ballistic computer that would give fire solution to controlled artillery unit (ryght now its just rough distance/direction) - that would give a great tool for fire missions on call from other player : JTAC/ FAC(A)/helo...whoever needs arty support
*different types of ammo for arty (HE, SMOKE, ILLUM, maybe lase guided Copperhead/EXcalibur shells)

Originally Posted by Tomcat84 View Post
Ability as JTAC to access to UAV feeds and ability to task them where to point their sensors, generate cat 1 MGRS grids as required etc. Ability to see video downlink from other assets (A-10s, Hornets etc) would be nice too.
+1 too

The ability to see vidéo downlink from other assets is available with the TS plugin UniversRadio. So it should be possible to add this in the CA module
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