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Originally Posted by jopasaps View Post
You must uninstall any mods.
I have no mods in my DCS-Steam, and i had no mods in my first DCS-Steam version (2.5.0) as well what worked perfectly.

So what i see the problem is Steam does not generate (re-generate) all required files in the Saved Games folder.
I just updated today to the latest Steam-DCS-openbeta ( and the used Saved Games/DCS folder still deficient. (there are the latest log file with the today-update date and time but no fxo, metashader and config files)

Unfortunately Steam-DCS-openbeta uses the same "Saved Games/DCS" folder as the ED-DCS-nonbeta version, maybe that caused the problem earlier.

Anyway, someone please send me a copy of your current "Saved Games/DCS-Steam" folder. (AMD GFX card: no addon modules - only the vanilla Steam modules: Caucasus+Su-25T+TF-51D)

Please gimme a try, a chance to fix my DCS-Steam.
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