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Agree it is pilots decision to eject, but assessing damage when miliseconds are important can be overwhelming and soon you find yourself engulfed in flames or an unrecoverable g-loc, so it is fair to assume that under certain extreme conditions you would get prioritized verbal warning so you don't hesitate. With the current implementation she is not yelling eject whenever you get hit/something minor is wrong there are actually some interesting triggers I sadly can't figure out without looking into the code, but when it happens it is prioritized and after she says it usual system failure warnings continue. From my observation if the warning is heard, 100% of the time jet was unrecoverable, but in many cases where it wasn't heard jet also wasn't flyable but usually there was no immediate danger to life.

Guess my question was more of if some implementation of eject warning exists under certain conditions in real American/Russian made fighter jets.

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