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Originally Posted by DarkFire View Post
Thanks for writing and posting that, I can only imagine how much time and effort that took!

The only comment I'd make is that you describe the R-27ER as being sluggish, when it's actually anything but sluggish. It's maximum speed and acceleration values are well above anything the AIM-120 could ever hope to achieve. I've seen an R-27ER top out at over 4,200 Km/h at the point at which the sustain motor burned out. I agree that it has poor terminal performance against targets pulling a lot of G's but it's speed and acceleration are it's main and huge advantages.
Originally Posted by ///Rage View Post
Nice guide! Great for a beginner. Though I disagree about always having to lure the F15C into WVR.
I have tried other tactics and none seem to work nearly as well. I usually get 3-4 kills per sortie in 104th. Ambushing is the one tactic that is harder to predict.
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