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Originally Posted by Headwarp View Post
I find that the curve tends to throw of my sense of how much power I'm actually applying as you move away from the center of the curve. Perhaps my WH throttle does provide a longer throw than say an x55 or something, but I do find it much easier to control my climb/descent with a linear axis for the collective personally even if it does take learning to make gentle/small corrections. My experiences adding a curve had me all over the place. It's hard to describe, just the changing length of throttle movement at different positions in the throttle threw me off, personally.
Yes it would be a learned experience or at least muscle memory for position to power I just remember when I used a logitech 3D pro the slider had maybe 70deg travel and was about 10mm (3/8') in length. It was ridiculous

I actually still use some curve with a full size collective just to fine tune it.

I'm now trying to make the V-Sim pit more ergonomic rather than outright model accurate besides I'd have to make multiple V-Sim pits and that wouldn't fly.

And normal flight keeping the ECL's @ center is fine.. could fly til it ran out of fuel. It's just when approaching hover that I need to move them up, if not to max/take off power just beneath it.

IDK if you're supposed to leave them centered for runway approach, but she's easier to whip around at low speeds near the ground with the ECL's up.
Do you get increased EGT and how much time can you operate like that?

note to self yes EGT increases but don't put them to low when flying it's outright dangerous,..
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