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Originally Posted by hellking View Post
There are conflicting messages in VEAO's communication: While they are updating the community about the release date which shows professionalism and responsibility, they are blaming the delay mostly on "ED's updates" which almost completely negates the first message and tells you "any new release date we give you is worthless because we are able to get stuck with trivial looking (based on comparison with other devs) problems any moment". I am OK with a dev being slow but this is more like "indifference to unpredictability". In any case, despite the PR shortcoming I am looking forward to any product VEAO will come up with. They have been on a slow trajectory but it is in the right direction.
From what I've come to understand of the Hawk across the last couple of years is, that the aircraft is coded somewhat differently (that is, more accurately looking at mathematical values) than most other aircraft. What this means according to all the explanations and insights given to us, is that the Hawk is more dependent on ED's code than other modules. Due to the accuracy it also suffers most probably from rounding errors or controller-jitter (as is the case with many Saitek products with the Hawk) etc. I do not believe VEAO is blaming ED's code. Rather, they are repeatedly pointing on the main issue causing them challenges and additional work, because we seem not to remember the explanation any time it is given to us... like we didn't believe the explanation.

In this regard I find it hard to compare the Hawk to other modules. Comparing *feels* easy, and fair as the aircraft is one of the simplest aircraft to the user. But what seems to be under the hood is something else.

Taking all that into mind at least I made a decision not to compare modules to each other as harshly as I'd perhaps urge to. Not everything meets the eye.

You could call this a coping method for having to wait years for a trainer to be completed. I guess I wouldn't disagree all that much.

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