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Default Vietnam War - POLL

Yes dudes, a Vietnam hardcore flight sim is one of my strongest wish for so many years ... before, it was having a Huey, then this dream came true thanks to Belsimtek geniuses !

And now, if we could have a gigantic and detailed Vietnam map AND environments, ground units, ambiance, weather etc etc... that would be such a blast

Sadly, when I see how long a desert map takes to see the light, I'm afraid Vietnam would never ever be released.

I do not know the max possible scale of a map in the EDGE engine, but a " fictional map ", taking main locations such Khe Sahn, Da Nang, Chu Lai, Haiphong, Plei Ku, Nha Trang, Huê, Hanoï etc etc ... would be very realistic, even in the small size of the current Caucasus gulf

It would need to alternate between typical Vietnamese urban locations with the citadels, monuments etc, and rice paddies, dense jungle, plateau, mountainous regions, valleys etc. As well as a couple of airfields of course and the nearby see for naval ops.

We have the Huey, the Mi-8 ( which was used a bit by Charlie ), soon the Mig 21... if only we could have another chopper ( OH-6 or Cobra or UH-34 ), and one or two planes ( F4 Phantom of course and let's say a Skyraider to be versatile ), simulated at a DCS level, with a dedicated team working hard on the map, art assets, ground units, infantry etc of both sides, it would be truly ground breaking.

If EDGE is as flexible as it claims to be, I can't wait the SDK is released for us, the community, can start putting hands into grease ...

When I see that, I just do not want to return in our 10 years old Caucasus ...

As you can see, Vietnam has its own philosophy, mainly built on humid and hazy atmosphere, when it's not hot and sunny
We should organize, make it the professional way, ask good persons and eventually put ourselves into the gears, to make such project born.

What do you think guys ?


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