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I haven't seen Episode 8 yet although I'am absolutely amazed by this franchise since I knew about it.

For me Star Wars has always been completed with Anakin being the chosen one and fulfilling his job by bringing balance to the force.
So what can be added or changed to this whole and big story (the force, thousand years of jedi vs. sith war, the Skywalkers bringing trouble to a whole galaxy) by filming three more episodes for the franchise?

If they actually want to change it, maybe they have planned something different or they just want to add some stuff related to Star Wars to earn more money...

I still plan to watch it but I have seen a huge disappointment so far, for good reasons.

Luke throwing his own lightsaber off the cliffs without bothering which he build together on his own, earned the crystal for it on his own and fought against his father with it? Remember when a very wise man once said "This weapon is your life"?

I think I could go on and on as some already did, probably even more once I have seen it.

This movie might be a good movie, in some way, but not a Star Wars movie at all, I think. Maybe until we see Episode 9, watch the movies a couple more times all together and understand all this, but I'm loosing interest with the huge and reasonable negativity I see so far about TLJ.
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