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well. i really wanted to like it. if i had written and produced it.

Rey is Luke's daughter.
Fin's a coward n betrays Rey n the rebels after Phasma captured him.
Poe doesn't exist.
No Han Solo in Force Awakens seeing how Ford hates playing Han so much.
Luke trains Rey.
Rey beats down Kylo again in front of Snoke.
Snoke fights Rey (she loses and badly injured) but he finds out first hand just how powerful she really is.
Rey is imprisoned n Snoke will try to turn her
We dont see her again until next episode.
Lea dies to save the fleet. she is not force sensitive.
Let Mark Hamil plays Luke any which way he wants.
A Lot more Lightsaber fight.
Lightsaber n Laser take out arms, eyes, half someone's face etc.
Fire everyone who brings up Harrison Ford.
Write a part for me as a fighter pilot but not annoying like Poe.
I rescue Rey in the next episode.
Rey n I kiss and hold hands all the time whether she wants to or not.
No shirtless Kylo.
No space penguin.
No bombers in space.
No oxygen mask.
No milking.
No fishing (Luke is not Goku).
No Canto Bight.
No silly humor.
No kids in movies.
Ok maybe Han Solo appears for a second but Chewbacca kills the ingrate by tossing him in garbage chute n shotguns his ass out into space.

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