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If you are new to DCS. or have stayed with FC3 level modules and want to uprate and into high fidelity modules. Get F-5E first, get decent with it. Then get your hi-fi mod of choice. If you have been away for a while, and getting back into groove. Fly F-5E first. Then revert to your hi-fi module of choice. Regardless of what your choices are, F-5E should be one of the modules you have. It is a fantastic hi-fi flight trainer. If you can fly and fight, and survive in F-5E, you can do it in any other module.
I got it when it was on sale for $24 and it was money well spent. I use it with AV-8B and Mirage. #1 Skill everyone must master is close formation precision flying. That means flying as a wingman to AI lead. If youy can't fly in formation, you will never master in-flight refueling. As in-flight refueling is all about precise, consistent close formation flying with the tanker. F-5E, IMHO is best platform for that training in DCS. My opinion only,as F-5E is not specifically a trainer like L-39 and C-101.
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