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Depends on why you like to fly aircraft and what you want to do with them, or how complicated you want your aircraft to be.

If you want something that is fairly easy to learn/fly with cold war weapons systems this is a great aircraft, and a decent dogfighter. It's also fun as an "Aggressor" aircraft for training missions, since it filled that role IRL. It's pretty simple, however, so you're limited to IR missiles, guns, dumb bombs and rockets.

Overall I enjoy the plane. It doesn't take a whole lot of poking around the cockpit before I remember how to make her fully operational.

The only big issue I have with it is in the modern setting (besides weapons selection) is its lack of IFF for the radar. You have to VID everything, you only have 2 missiles, and you're slightly underpowered in the thrust department (giggity).

If you want something a little more complicated from the same era, the MiG-21 is a good one, or if you really want to sit down and study, I'd go with the Viggen, or any of the more modern aircraft.
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