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Originally Posted by msalama View Post
Depends on what you mean by "seriously structured". The L-39ZA, for example, is an excellent light CAS/COIN platform and has been used as such in numerous RL conflicts. And I don't think missions and/or servers concentrating on those kind of scenarios are less "seriously structured" than any 'big war' stuff I've seen so far.
This is a tricky topic. I suppose it would be useful to quickly clarify that when I talk about "seriously structured" missions, I am speaking not so much about the size of the scenario but more about how much emphasis is put on constructing a semi-realistic/plausible scenario. In larger (popular) public servers, the scenarios tend to be constructed in fairly inclusive manner in regards to aircraft types, player skill levels, and even drop-in, drop-out capability. To put it another way, those who wish to use the L-39ZA will find scenarios and targets that allow it to be successful.

This brings me to the "seriously structured" thing. When I say that, I mean making missions with a specific eye towards creating a scenario that accurately reflects (as much as DCS can possibly allow) a specific aircraft's real-world usage. This includes putting it in its proper context. As such, if I were to make a serious L-39ZA mission, I would research how it was used in places like Syria, Abkhazia, or other places where it was used specifically in a combat (and not combat training) role. Unfortunately, this would mean creating missions where one's survival rate is not so great as even simple ground fire becomes a massive issue (as in real life).

This ties into the larger point I am trying to make with even the F-5E we have in DCS. It is easy to overstate its effectiveness when looking at how well it does in public servers (where creating a inclusive environment to attract players with a variety of skill levels is key and thus tasking and targets tend to be less defended, more static, and easier to attack). When you start thinking about more realistic, more demanding missions, it becomes a bit more complicated and some aircraft (including the L-39ZA and the F-5E) start to seriously show their limits and as I said before. Those limits are interesting to explore but should not be dismissed out of hand.

If you are handy with the editor, I would suggest creating some COIN/CAS scenarios for the L-39ZA that somewhat accurately reflect what it has done in real life. I think you will find that even against very basic enemy forces (troops, light armored vehicles, MANPAD's, and even simple AA gun emplacements), the L-39ZA will struggle to keep up. The F-5E does a bit better but even when designing missions for it, you will find that its DACT focused configuration will limit just how far you can push it in terms of mission design.
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