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Are you allowing for the fact that the RMI uses True headings (rather than magnetic) i.e. it uses the Gyro correcting mechanism in the rear cockpit to adjust for magnetic variation.

At Batumi RWY 31 the RMI will show 306°T, while the KI-13 Magnetic Compass will read 300°M.

Magnetic variation on the DCS Caucasus map is approx 6-7°E depending on location and date i.e. you need to add +6° to a magnetic compass to get the True bearing.

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On the PU-26E, I supposedly have the correct settings, being Magnectic Compass (MC), N (as opposed to S, for the Caucus Map), and 43.5 degrees Lattitude.
In MC mode, gyro drift is corrected using signals from an inductive transmitter that feed through the correcting mechanism to the gyro, i.e. so it is aligned with True North.

AFAIK the large needle on the correction dial should give the magnetic heading as detected by the transmitter, in DCS it's a repeat of the RMI (true) bearing.

Declination adjustment for the real device is +/- 18.0°, in DCS it uses the same scaling factor as the compass i.e. +/- 180°

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