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Default Magnetic Compass Synchronization problem

On the front dash (Top Right) There is a red lamp and push button) that is supposed to synchronize the Magnetic Compass. (pg 115 in the DCS L-39 manual as number 23 & 24)

In doing the training missions and a little interesting flying for fun, I found the Radio Magnetic Indicator (RMI) was off. Supposedly, unless I am misunderstanding, this button is supposed to realign (realigned while in straight, level, accelerated flight). It does not.

On the PU-26E, I supposedly have the correct settings, being Magnectic Compass (MC), N (as opposed to S, for the Caucus Map), and 43.5 degrees Lattitude.

Is this a bug, is it not working correctly currently, or am I just not doing this correctly? Or is that button just to extinguish the light? I have had the compass off by at least 5-10 degrees and the light never lights up... Am I supposed to Change or synchronize it on the PU-26E using the "HDG Select"???

Maybe the PU-26E has to be in the Gyro Compass (GS) mode, or what am I missing exactly?

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