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Originally Posted by xvii-Dietrich View Post
I see the F5 as the next step up from an L-39ZA or C101CC. It has simple radar, counter measures and is faster and more agile than those other two. It would be a natural progression in training. However, many people approach DCS the opposite way, starting with the most sophisticated fighters and working backwards down the training, so to speak.

One other point, is that, if you like campaigns, there are two available for sale for the F5, which are the Air Combat Manoeuvres and Basic Flight Manoeuvres. (Note that both of those need the NTTR map too).

This is a good point. From a real world standpoint, combat pilots don't really have a choice but to start with trainers like the L-39 or the T-38 in order to transition into the cockpits of more advanced front line combat aircraft like F-16's or MiG's. In DCS, it kinda goes the opposite way. Since there are no consequences for failure beyond crashing a virtual plane, it makes more sense to encourage players to get the aircraft they really love even if it is a complex combat focused aircraft.

With that in mind, I kinda feel like the F-5, L-39, and other trainers with some combat capability end up being more interesting as "enthusiast purchases" for those that REALLY love those specific aircraft regardless of what kind of role they can or cannot fill in more seriously structured missions. They end up being those classic cars that someone buys for the passion of that specific car and nothing else.
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