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Confirm: No sound difference with or without WEP.

Condition: Full throttle and rpm (2300/91), level at 500 meter, 400 km/h.
WEP on: Boost goes to 107-108 and it accelerates to 430 km/h after a minute ca (level flight).
WEP off: Back to 400 km/h.

WEP again, engine quit. To much WEP, max 30 sec recommended.

Note, 500 meter alt indicated. Took off Senaki, didn't adjust altimeter for sea level. Interesting (or not): At low speed (150 km/h) hitting WEP makes boost go only to 98. One need to exceed 250 km/h ca (didn't test exactly) for boost to go to max (107-108 ) with WEP.
Also note, rpm is max 2200, unless one retards and forward rpm lever, then it goes to 2300. As if breaking a wire perhaps. I seem to remember if one runs at 2300 even at boost only 91 for a long while, engine will quit.

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