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Originally Posted by Isegrim View Post
Give her full power insantly to start its not like slowly increase power in the pony.
I do this already, both for the P51 and the Dora. Hold wheel brakes, increase to as much RPM as the wheel brakes can take. Then release them, and increase throttle to full RPM smoothly but quickly (within a fraction of a second).

My questions were not so much that I can't take off in the Dora (I can), but I think there are still problems with the flight model, when it comes to tail wheel locking and cross wind aerodynamic behavior when taking off (try taking off with 10 m/s crosswind and you'll see what I mean). I have to give it full aileron into the wind, full throttle, full rudder, full toe brakes just to keep her aligned, and even then it's a wobbly dance at best.

I am also doubtful that the landings should require so much pull on the flight stick in addition to full elevator trim. Would be nice to know whether these things are still work in progress, or if the Dora really behaved like that.
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