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Originally Posted by Wags - ED Team

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet - Hornet Mini-Updates

Now that the team is back from holiday, work resumes on the Hornet. One of the big areas that you can see visible results is the EW page. Attached are a couple WIP images of the main display page and the manual (MAN) programing page.

I’ll do a full academic video on this later, but in a nutshell, the bypass mode allows single release of chaff and flare from the countermeasures dispense switch on the throttles and when in the ON mode, it can use semi-automatic (S/A), automatic (AUTO), and manual (MAN) modes. When set to MAN mode, the ARM PB brings up the programming edit page that allows you to create and save dispense programs. It's a very easy to use system.

You may also notice the O1 and O2 counts, these are for GEN-X expendables.

On the radar front, much of the work is on the locking of targets in STT and LTWS modes. This is also critical for the ACM modes.

Other focused work continues on the flight model / FCS, bombing HUD, INS, and audio.

A small thing, but we also adjusted the DDIs and MPCD to not be smudgy messes.

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