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Default This is more than a change of livery!

What we have done for DCS: J-11A

Some of you may noticed that the flyable J-11A ('J' stands for Fighter) module will be release with DCS update 2.5.1. Specially thanks to Eagle Dynamics for providing us the model files of Su-27, we can finish the model correction and texture drawing in such a short period of time. This allows the players to experience the first DCS aircraft for Chinese force only without waiting too much (To make it able to appear in both sides in MP match, we added J-11A to AUSAF (fictional)).

Today, the Chief Modeler of Deka (not me) will introduce the similarities and differences in the appearance of J-11A and the original Su-27SK.

1. Difference in Real World
As we all know, J-11A is a licensed production of the Su-27SK (Exporting model of Su-27S) in Shenyang, China. However, this does not means J-11A is identical to Soviet/Russian's Su-27S (Su-27 in DCS).

1.1 Antenna at Nose Section

Left column is Su-27, right column is J-11A;
Upper row is the photo of real aircraft, Lower row is 3D model in DCS.
(All the following figures will be placed with the same rule)

There is some difference for the close-range navigation antenna system at lower nose section. J-11A removed one group of the antennas and change the position and quantity of the rest.

1.2 Nose Gear Taxi and Landing Lights

We replaced the position of Taxi light and left Landing light. And fix the lighting effect for both J-11A and Su-27 in DCS.

1.3 Formation Light

J-11A installed several formation lights on the side of nose, fuselage and outside of the vertical stabilizer (six lights in total). In the game, you can turn them on by switch to Nav mode.

1.4 Navigation Light

Except the red light at the left wingtip, green light at the right wingtip and white light at left vertical stabilizer of Su-27, J-11 added one red light behind the canopy and one white light at tail cone. (5 Nav lights in total)

And the shape of the Nav lights are different to Su-27's.

1.5 Anti-collision Light

J-11A added one white anti-collision strobe light at lower section of the tail cone. It's default key in game is RCtrl+RAlt+L.

1.6 Windshield

The windshield of J-11A improves the manufacturing process, solves the problem of Su-27's windshield turning yellow due to prolonged use.

1.7 ECM Pod

J-11A is equipped with a more reliable domestic RKL-609 pod, replacing the Su-27's original L-005 Sorbtsiya pod.

1.8 Capability of launching R-77

J-11A has the ability to carry and launch the R-77 active radar air-to-air missile. A2A combat capability +10 points . However, it doesn't give pitbull count down. Therefore, you need to do it yourself.

J-11A's inner wing pylons and all fuselage pylons can carry R-77 by AKU-170 adapter (6 R-77s in total).

Besides the obvious differences mentioned above, there are still many detail differences that are hard to notice and will not be mentioned here.

2. DCS:J-11A External Model Optimization
The external model of J-11A is modified and optimized from the Su-27 model. In order to bring a better experience to players, we added some details that the original Su-27 model does not have besides the faithful restoration of the difference between J-11A and Su-27.

2.1 Remade LOD (Level of detail)

Under the premise of ensuring the display performance, reworked LOD can make J-11A model more realistic and natural in longer distance.

2.2 Add Actuators of Landing Gear Doors

Added actuators in main landing gear bay.

2.3 Fix Details for Landing Gear Doors

Added the additional cover on main landing gear doors.

2.4 Type 02 Summer Pilot Suit

New Type 02 Summer pilot suit, and PLAAF's iconic white cotton gloves (combat capability +5 ).

2.5 Redraw all on-board caution label

Redrawing all onboard caution label based on photos of real aircraft.

2.6 Add dual pylon for rockets and bombs

Added dual pylon for unguided rockets and bombs. A2G combat capability +5.

2.7 Realistic emblem, tail number

Reworked realistic emblem and tail number. Changed tail number fonts based on real aircraft (customized last 3 digits, first 2 digits are fixed base on livery).
For example, the logo on the aircraft at the loading page (The right lower pic of the first figure in this page), belongs to the former 33rd airborne division. Showing a number "33" and an eagle head.

Besides the works mentioned above, we also redraw some detail texture such as the panel line and rivets, adjusted spec texture, redraw the texture of engine and heat-resistant skin. However, due to personal skill and schedule, the result is always a hair below perfection.

The external modeling work for J-11A may look easy, I also noticed the comments like "It's just Su-27 with new livery". However, it is not as easy as it seemed. We wanted to bring the best gaming experience to our players, and this required endless hours of hard work. We hope our players will feel our passion and love for J-11A project and provide us your thoughts and critiques on this very first flyable Chinese aircraft module.
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