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Originally Posted by Kestrel View Post
Yes, it is truly amazing what helicopters can do ... so much more than anything with a fixed wing!

For example, many people don't know that technically helicopters can sustain inverted flight if the range of blade pitch is simply configured to be negative as well as positive.

By far the biggest limitation is the people inside them. This is obvious when you watch RC helis, which show the true potential, such as the one in the link below:


I fly RC helis (but my skills are nothing like in the video), and I can tell you this is not electronic trickery. It took hours of practice for me to learn just to hover with any confidence ... and many more hours before I could fly backwards or inverted. Very stressful hobby ... hence the appeal of flight sims like DCS with it's low cost per crash!
Comparing an RC scale helicopter with a 1:1 helicopter is not fair. One thing to begging is its different mass, there is a huge difference there... Other are the materials and stiffness/resistance of those...

If you try to sustain inverted flight with a helicopter (I mean, one that was not designed for sustained inverted flight, some helicopters have negative pitch, normally shipboard ones) you would probably lose your tail and rotor blades in the process.

I am a bit tired of people here, in this forum, comparing RC helicopters with real helicopters. Although the fundamentals of flight are there, you can't compare the inertia and the mass, plus the different materials and dynamics... Everyone has right to express opinion and its up to people wanting to learn more and get the facts right. Cheers.
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