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Default liveries location in DCS

Days before, I installed Mi-8 and some liveries from ED user files.
I did put many Huey Vietnam War liveries to Bazar/liveries/UH-1, and work. I can found them in mission editor and change.
But after I put Mi-8 liveries to Bazar/liveries/Mi-8, I can not find them in mission editor?

and even there are so many default liveries in Bazar/liveries/Mi-8, but only three liveries can be choosen in mission editor.

Where is the location for MI-8 exchangable liveries ??
Why Huey and Mi-8 livery locations are different?

BTW. I am totally confused by DCS structure
I did search in forum, try to understand where should I put different liveries and cockpit mods for different DCS aircraft, but I didn't find a thread answer my question.
Please teach me
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