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Originally Posted by v81 View Post
Not meaning to offend anyone, but clear and simple things are being missed.

Things reported multiple times, things that are a 5 minute fix, things that are important.

My first comments on the SU-25T training missions being broken go back 2+ years and are posted in an appropriate section of the forum.

In a recent thread i re-visited the SU25T training and know being a little more confident in the editor tested and verified a few fixes.

I listed these fixes, and the thread is yet to get a reply.
I would like to say, whilst ED have their own time table as to what gets priority and when things get fixed, I also have my own priorities and preferences, such as the Su-25T, Su-27 + 33, Ka-50, A-10c.

I personally take notice of all user reports on faulty ED Modules missions and campaigns:-
  1. I can investigate and then log the fault with ED if I can replicate it (Within my understanding and I can define it well) and it requires work done that I can't do.
  2. Other wise I will log it for myself and correct the missions at a later date and then submit to ED for inclusion to DCS.
  3. Like ED I will not always respond in posts as it destracts from the work to be done.
Think of it this way:-
  1. If no one ever posts any fault reports, then nothing will ever be fixed.
  2. If multiple people complain of the same fault and it is easy to reproduce or good .trk files or video showing the problem are supplied, some one will take notice and in time it will be corrected.
  3. Don't expect to be consoled about your issues, just report and move on, you can't control what others do.
Even if the task is palmed off to blind freddy, making these changes and pushing them out in a rush would be better then nothing.

Surely someone knows that many of the training missions are broken, but it isn't considered important.

Like i said, no offense, but whatever sifting is being done is missing some long standing and glaring issues.
I agree with your comments, and this blind freddy is doing his bit to help, but rushing things out isn't an option as the work load has increased 5-10 fold on what it was for me alone, doing things officially takes much more time that you can appreciate (Never just a 5 minute fix if your thorough).

Myself, I am acutely aware of not only the missions you talk of being faulty, but just about all missions based on the Caucusas map.

All being said the current work for me are the Ka-50 campaigns - GOW and Deployment, so any work on the Su-25T training is well down the list in time frame for me.

Regards, Ian.
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