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Default DCS 1.5.4 Update 3

DCS Update 3
The Museum Relic (MiG-15 and F-86F) campaign release!

DCS World
  • Multiplayer. Improved aircraft motion algorithms.
  • TrackIR input data separated to own cpp, cockpit will use angles from trackIR directly (like in old way).
  • Removed “headtracking disabled” message.
  • Artifacts on Maverick's IR-view and Shkval view fixed
  • Input chat commands moved to UI layer
  • Trim will working when secondary FFB device connected
  • Module manager. Added DRM controller for campaigns
  • Su-25T. Incorrect Mechanical Devices Indicator fixed
  • Su-25T. Updated Chinese version of the Georgian Oil War campaign

  • Su-33. Incorrect Mechanical Devices Indicator fixed

DCS F-5E Tiger II
  • AIM-9P5 missile corrected
  • AA1/DG mode tuned
  • HUD circle tuned in MSL mode
  • Damage model corrected
  • Auto lock corrected in MSL mode
  • DCS crushing on using GUNS fixed
  • Fix G-limited indication in MSL mode
  • Fix aircraft behavior at IDLE Engines on high-altitude airfields
  • Fix Choсks animation linked to canopy animation on net phantom
  • Added possibility to change laser code for GBU-12
  • Added laser code for GBU-12 to kneeboard
  • Smoke engines adjustment
  • Added LAU-68 for FFAR
  • Mk5 FFAR HEAT - improved FM
  • Rocket rotation frequency adjustment
  • Dispersion of FFAR increased
  • Fix Radar "In Range" indicator doesn't flash when below minimum range
  • DCS will not hangs at weapon release if RIPPLE mode selected
  • Added control of radar indicator brightness
  • Changed default radar indicator brightness
  • Wing brake fixed
  • Corrected only one attempt to lock-on after ACQ button release in radar search mode
  • Added nose ballast, when inboard fuel tanks are carried.
  • Radar elevation controls will not stop working after target lock is broken
  • Fixed wind in FM
  • Tail light will flashing on net phantom

DCS M-2000 by RAZBAM
  • Super radar fix
  • Magic selection bug fix
  • VTB STT display for CCM.
  • Dropping contacts when out of STT range.
  • Checks that STT target is within the +/- 60º cone.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
  • Reworked cockpit structure
  • Radios (VHF, UHF, intercom) implementation. Front and rear cockpit
  • New cockpit (knobs, oxygen system, tap on glass...) realistic sounds. Front and rear cockpit
  • Tweaked AI takeoff performance
  • Modified mirror vision
  • Integration work between front and rear cockpit continues. Several improvements
  • All front cockpit devices can be now assigned to keyboard and joystick commands. WIP for rear cockpit

  • Repair crash fix

DCS Ka-50
  • Chinese flight manual updated

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