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Default Update

Update for DCS World 1.5.4 Open Beta.

DCS World
  • AI aircraft with type "uncontrolled" will able start from an aircraft carrier
  • Restored wingtip trails of propeller driven aircraft. Humidity factor added
  • Encyclopedia. Missing 3D models added, M1097 the 3d model name added
  • AI aircraft. The visible restrictions of sensors will not inherit from previous mission. Example: if previous mission was at night the optical sensors will not have very limited range in the next daylight mission.
  • Empty "type" unit in ME and immortals this unit in sim (when launching mission ver 1.5.3 in open beta 1.5.4)
  • Crash during bombing buildings fixed
  • Crash while changing options fixed
  • User snapview saving restored
  • In-cockpit TrackIR functionality corrected. Influence of mouse and default camera position was switched off.

DCS L-39
  • L-39ZA. Gunsight will be always functional, independently by mount/unmount checkbox for L-39C.

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