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Default DCS 1.5.3 Update 6

DCS Update 6
In the open beta today.

DCS World
  • Fixed Xbox360 controller bug
  • Crash after an on-deck pilot ejection and further ship deactivation fixed
  • UH-1, Mi-8. Fixed issue with absent crosshair on cargo indicator at small display resolutions
  • Wrong second track replay probably fix
  • ME. Lost audiofile-name from trigger action fixed
  • Corrected Japan database entry
  • Fw 190 & Bf 109 MW50 tank contents will change aircraft weight
  • MP. On the screenshots will be visible not only first line of multiplayer chat
  • Added auto mapping axes to X-55 Rhino
  • Fixed crash in Weather.dll

DCS C-101
  • VSI fixed
  • Fixed markers lights test function.
  • Canopy functionality fixed
  • TARSYN synchronization panel clickability fixed
  • Annunciator panel fixed (front and rear)
  • Added canopy reflection effect (WIP)
  • Fixed seat adjustment switch (rear cockpit)
  • Fixed rear cockpit animation
  • Fixed red colour smoke
  • Fixed some cockpit textures
  • Fixed some external model bugs
  • Fixed Gun Pods code for CC

DCS L-39
  • L-39ZA. PUS-0 lamp logic for bombs corrected
  • L-39ZA. SERIES-2-4 rockets switch logic corrected
  • L-39ZA. Hardpoint lamp indicators logic corrected
  • AWACS item added to radiomenu

  • Fixed bug with WP bearing displays on HUD

  • Add new liveries (Canada,US Air Force (Green),US Air Force (Skyblazers),US Air Force (Squadron 39)
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